Monday, January 11, 2010


This is one of my favorite recent photos. It all started with my desire to recreate a photo that was taken of me a couple years ago.

Once I made the decision to get Keryn on board, mud her up, and shoot... I decided to make this photo one of a series for 11:11's show "Beginnings". It became the 'earth' portion of my 'earth, wind, fire, water' series.

I was interested in capturing the competition of ugliness versus beauty, the natural versus altered.
I also noticed that 'dead and alive', the dullness and death of the cracking soil on her face with the shine and livelihood of the pearls, was being portrayed in this one subject, as opposed to two subjects in one photo.
I was pleased that this was conceptually different than anything I have seen.
I often see something similar to a persons hand next to a statues hand, or the walking dead- but using natural elements that accentuate each other, and when combined portray both life and death was a challenge and refreshing to shoot.


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