Tuesday, April 13, 2010

New 'Shit on your Face'.

these are the newest addition to the series. The textures of both the feathers and the petals acted as a beautiful frame for the face, and interesting portrait, and a successful experiment which motivates me to keep going with these photos.

Miranda in the feathers came out exactly as I saw it on my head. I wanted a strong focus on the eyes, and being miranda is a new mom, I loved the idea of using her as the mama hen, nurturing her egg.

Feather diptych

The petals were a bit more challenging. Given I used rose petals: larger than most and have their own natural contour and shape, it was a bit more difficult to use the materials to enhance the natural, beautiful features of Lindsey's face. It ended up being a bit more of a 'petal takeover' than I initially imagined it would be. But none the less, they came out beautifully and in a way I was least expecting.

Petal triptych

Thanks again to MIra and Linds.. love you two, and so proud to shoot you, and shit on your face.

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