Thursday, May 13, 2010

I am so proud of the photos Lindsay and I took the other day. each set came out exactly like I had hoped.

I had wanted to work with multiple exposures which is an option in my new D200 (rare in digital cameras). The is no conceptual importance or reference in these photos, just an idea I had and wanted so badly to execute.

Lindsay is beautiful and fair, perfect for the look of this photo. I loved the offset of her dark hair in an otherwise high key frame. Her and the alligator were a perfect match.

Once the lights were set up and the mood was set- Tori Amos playing in the studio and the alligator resting from a long shoot, Lindsay and I played a bit.




Thank you Lindz for being such a willing and great model. I love shooting you- and we always have fun!

Who's next?

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