Sunday, November 7, 2010

Jennie, I have photographed a few times now, and love it every time. She really is a great model. She needs very little direction, knows how to work a camera, and seems very aware of her features in a photograph. As opposed to some of us, who really have no idea which looks, angles, or expressions work... we just shoot looks in the dark and hope something's good on film.

Dave, her boyfriend, is an amazing artist: painter, illustrator, craftsman, sculptor... it seems like you name it, he can do it. By craft and trade he is a special effects make-up artist. As I am happy to take photographs of his work for his portfolio use, He has been willing to work on some make-up and prosthetics for my projects. And although I don't have many examples of his work, I'd like to showcase the examples I do have.

Award winning studio portrait Charred -'Photo Salon 2010'

Thanks Dave.

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