Monday, November 1, 2010

It's been a busy semester so far. I have been spending an average of three days a week in the studio. One day practicing different light concepts and doing a run through set up for my shoot that week, and other days with models executing ideas and taking some great photos.

I am loving being in the studio, but have definitely learned that artistic and conceptual studio shots are my favorite. Working with straight portraits: head shots, or plain editorial stuff doesn't excite me as much.

Pierce had their annual photo show this past week. I submitted two photos from my 'Materialized' series. To my surprise, I won the best studio portrait award for my 'Charred' picture of Justin Bond. It was a hit. As the reporter from the newspaper interviewed me, the photo editor of the magazine invited me to shoot for them, The Media Arts chairwoman told me how much she enjoyed my pictures, and the words of all the students standing around admiring my work- I felt like a star for the 2.5 seconds that it lasted.

In the last couple weeks, I have shot one of my pregnant co-workers as a baby shower present from me to her, some clothing line promos, headshots, costume portraits, and learned some really great and useful things in my digital imaging class.

Erin, one of my co-workers, was a pleasure to shoot. I was nervous, given I hadn't taken this type of portrait yet. There were many things I had to keep in mind that separated this shoot from the straight low-key portraits I am used to taking. I was using multiple lights to highlight the important parts of this portrait. I was a bit limited with what was available to me in the studio as far as spot lights go, so I had to do some brainstorming and problem solving in order to light her properly. There are some things I would have done differently, But Erin was a beautiful subject. She gave birth only a couple days after these photos were taken. She was amazingly graceful and gorgeous (with impecable skin, I might add).

This is the best one from the bunch:

Erin and her husband Frank

I shot Ms. Rachel Beezy again with the hopes of doing my take on a pin up shot. This shoot was especially frustrating for me. Rachel was as delightful and beautiful as ever- but I just could not execute my vision. We spent about 4 hours in the studio trying to get the lighting exact; I was not on top of my game, to say the least. The photos came out great, just not what I had envisioned. But I think that is something only a true professional is able to do: execute exactly what they see in their head. I am just lucky that my photos still come out looking vibrant and nice.

Next is a shot that was taken last year of The Elephant Parallax. This was turned in as a 'Poster' assignment for my digital imaging (photoshop) class. The colors in the sky were manipulated a bit, some business in the background such as cars, telephone poles and wires were removed, Color toning on their faces were done, and the brush stroke effect around the outside of the band was added for a surreal feel.

The information on the poster is real. The band has their CD release show scheduled for Dec.11 2010

I got Seth into the studio last minute to take some photos of him in his Halloween costume, or lack there of depending on how you look at it. Seth and Sonja spent hours on end sewing together carne asada for a meat loin cloth to pay homage to Lady Gaga's meat dress. I was there for part of the construction of the loin cloth. It was made with maybe 4-5 lbs of meat and dental floss. Pretty creative and made for an interesting photo. I am wondering how it was walking around West Hollywood in that all night!

Finally is Ade.

I have shot Ade a few times now. Once when I was just starting to shoot people and was going for a very different look, she was the 'Lace' addition to my 'Materialized' series, and she modeled for me when I did an Earth, Wind, Fire, Water series as my 'wind'.

This is easily the most beautiful session I have had with Ade. She is gorgeous, exotic, and quite versatile in her look not to mention a pleasure to be around and good friend.

Ade came to me with some inspiration photos that she wanted to try to recreate. Between the two of us, we were able to create a beautiful scene, make Ade look like a super model, and create some truly epic imagery. I think these may be the best pictures I have taken to date. Ade did a beautiful job painting her own face and Girl, the camera LOVES YOU! Thank you.

And the two best of the series:


  1. I especially love the intensity of the last photo. Is she wearing a Karamoja or Maasai necklace?

  2. I think it is Karamoja.
    My mother brought it back from Africa for me. It's beautiful. And thank you!