Monday, February 28, 2011

This light series was originally created as a class assignment until I realized how far I could go with it.

'Light Alive' is about the connection between the frequency and vibration of light and the way we perceive it. These photographs allowed me to understand the frequency in which light particles travel through shared space. The light vibrations shown connect the viewer to energy that our eyes won't allow us to see. When traveling through darkness, be it in our cars, bikes, or walking down the street- our brains insist on focusing and making sense out of our movement, to the point of isolating each light source from its maker. These photographs allowed me to travel on the light's wavelength: Filled with chaos, motion, energy, and vibrations.

Once these photographs were processed, they were treated with a damaged transparency layered on top of the image. This was to remind me of the urban landscape in which the light traveled through. The transparencies add the grit, grain, and brown texture you see in the lighter or colorful parts of light.

This series is on display at Nova Gallery in Pasadena until March 16th.








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