Friday, February 25, 2011

And here I go...
I have 1 more post after this one. I have started another semester of photo school, and have some pretty interesting stuff in mind. So you will be seeing more posts soon. But this post and the next post are still catch up from the last 2 months.

Stephen won a night stay in a Ventura hotel from a raffle at work. My only true purpose in wanting to go out of town, ever, is to take photos. Even if it's only an hour out of town. And to stay true to our interests, we turned a short trip out of town into an adventure of trespassing through abandoned places.

On the way up, we stopped at an abandoned oil refinery outside of Ojai. Stephen drove up to Ojai on an equipment run for work one day and noticed the refinery off the freeway a bit. I don't know much about this refinery, or when it closed. I tried doing some research on it but all I could find was people's links to their photos and LiveJournal threads.

It was relatively accessible and easy to break into. And- right next to the Brooks Institute, Ventura campus so the man watching the grounds was pretty used to seeing people walk in with camera equipment claiming they are photo students.

Quick note- When in doubt, always have a instruction based photo book and a backpack when trespassing for photo purposes. It has worked every time.

So this batch has been narrowed down to the most interesting few. And- it's always challenging to not take a million photos of Stephen, so those have been excluded. He is like a built in subject.

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