Thursday, April 28, 2011

The last 4-5 months in the studio (end of last semester and this semester so far) has been dedicated to a series that has excited me, challenged me, and most of all meant I spent time with all of my closest girlfriends in their underwear.
This series started as a fluke- with Ms. Beezy coming in with her favorite set of lingerie and gas mask, just for fun.

My lighting inspiration came from Helmut Newton and his 'Large Nudes' series.

I have noticed- maybe without even making a conscious decision to, I have focused a lot of my work as of late of the masking of features. A person being identifiable through means other than their facial features. I am not really sure why this is, yet, but as I grow and continue to shoot, maybe that will make itself a bit more clear to me.

This series was a lesson in recreation. I hade to pay close attention to my lighting and camera settings being exact, as well as my models having continuity but not repeating positions and outfits. My post editing and processing had to be a move by move routine. And, needless to say- my mask collection has grown significantly.

It excites me as well as saddens me to put a close on this series. This is the second complete (for now) series in my collection and they both have been extremely bittersweet.

How Sexy am I Now?

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