Thursday, April 14, 2011

Assignment #5

These photos were inspired by a photograph titled White Gauze by Robert Mapplethorp. I came across his photo and was immediately taken back by the mystery involved; I was almost frightened by it. Hence- loving it. The assignment was to emulate a photographer, style, or photo- so I decided to take this and run with it.

Here is Mapplethorp's:


I was asked by the editor in chief of the Pierce Magazine-The Bull, to take a shot for the cover. She explained that the theme of the mag this semester was revolution and metamorphosis. I decided to twist Mapplethorp's concept of the mummy wrap into more of a cocoon. I wanted to depict the change or growth forcing itself out of your body. Using butterflies rising out of a cocoon seemed like a natural choice.

Here is mine:

This Image is lightly photoshopped. Only a bit of color toning. The butterflies are fake- but not photoshopped. They were rigged with fishing line from a light stand above the models head. The branches were found outside of the photo studio. I only say this because I am learning that people are assuming these tricks are photoshop magic. But- guess again!

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