Wednesday, April 13, 2011

So many great things are coming out of photo school this semester. The assignments, for the most part, have been very inspiring and I have been a busy and excited member of my own productivity when it comes to creating.
I will be uploading my past few assignments, and labeling them in the future so you can see what has been for fun and what has been for class. Although, the two go hand in hand.

Assignment #1 was the self portrait you see below.

Assignment #2-

Once again, thanks to my amazing boyfriend, I was able to pull of these shots with ease. I was interested in linking the varied definitions of atmosphere. I wanted to capture the metaphysical side by creating a feeling: conveying emotion through a setting. The physical and chemical side of different layers the earth and using gravity, or the lack there of, and the spiritual side of past and future lives, ghosts, and faith.

Assignment #3
Urban Lanscape

This is definitely my least favorite type of assignment.I am fairly uninterested in structures and landscapes, unless they are abandoned, broken, or gross. But here it is:

Assignment #4

This photo is part of my How Sexy Am I Now? series.which I will post in full and further explain when I am finished with it.

I just finished working on a short film titled 'Home'. This triptych was a still I took during the film.


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