Wednesday, July 27, 2011

After writing today's earlier blog I began to feel sad that I haven't posted any new creative photos lately. I had a few moments of scrounging through my belongings: Marionettes? No. Clown figurine? Masks? No. My cat? Give me a break.

Miranda is always game to be in photographs. She is beautiful and charismatic. But a challenge arises, she is covered in tattoos. I have photographed her in her 'natural state' and she is as beautiful as ever. Although, I have battled with myself about how I want my signature look to be. What types of photographs do I want to produce? When my job is to capture the person, as they really are- I would ever request to have tattoos covered. Shit, I don't want to cover my own. But when I visualize how I want my 'collection' to look, if someone were to look back through my work over the years, or when I am known for a certain style-I want some cohesion. I choose to shoot Miranda in almost every series of photographs I take, but the fact of the matter is, tattoos make you stand out. Shocking, I know.

That being said, Miranda and I have to come up with interesting ways and positions so her tattoos are covered. So, we sifted through the craft box and props from previous shoots, hurt our brains for a while, and came up with this:


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