Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A lot of wonderful and trying things have happened in the last few months. I have yet to continue on a fine art series- although the wheels are turning as we speak. Most of my energy has gone into jump starting a freelance business, which has proven to be extremely challenging, but at least it's happening.

11:11 has revealed itself to be an amazing accomplishment. We have partnered with the Canoga Park improvement Association in coordinating a summer art walk. The CPIA has been able to get us empty store fronts to transform into galleries for an enormous group show. This past month (July) proved the biggest and baddest event yet. We had over 75 artists and vendors and over 1000 attendants join us on Owensmouth in Canoga park with food trucks, live bands, and participating local businesses to cultivate and amazing SFV 'art revolution' here at home. We even got a page in the Daily News!

Visit for the complete album of event photos!

I Showed some of my favorite works at the art walk, unfortunately, it has proven to be difficult to host an event as well as hustle my work and try to sell. I have noticed two things being in the art show and exhibiting game:

1) People don't like to be told the value of art they are considering buying. This makes it difficult to sell. An artist prices their work based on the value, time, and skill placed on the piece. Buyers, at least low end buyers, don't know the difference. They see an image or piece they like and they want it. But not usually for a few hundred dollars. So, I have begun putting my work up for auction. I set a minimum price of value and time spent and the potential buyer feels as though they are in more control over placing their own monetary value on the work. This is not my first preference, but I feel as though I am catering to the human condition and it's need for power over their own actions... and in this case, purchases.
Some people say art does not have value until someone places a value upon it. That until someone deems it as valuable it is purely expression. Well, it's a theory, at least. And I have sold a number of pieces this way- so at least for the time being I am able to brand myself, get my images and name out there.

2) The types of people that go to lower end galleries and art shows like to touch, scavenge, and purchase smaller items. Jewelry, nic-nacs, sometimes clothing. Low priced items that they view as souvenir from where they spent their evening. I have begun making and marketing a functional art line using my images and series' of my strongest photographs.
Take a look:

I have also done a major update to my website found at
I haven't gotten a ton of feedback from it, because I have no idea if anyone even views it, but I feel it is more user friendly, displays the different facets of my work more clearly, and has a more memorable layout.

I will be participating in a 2 day art show event this weekend. I have been hired to photograph the event, as well as display my work and functional art line.
The event will take place:
Friday July 28th and Saturday, July 29th @ The King's Warehouse
18242 Sherman Way, Reseda

I had to put a temporary end to my 'Returning' series. I am planning to pick it back up with a different subject soon, like I said- the wheels are turning. I have gotten the largest response from this series in comparison to all the other photos I have taken and displayed. And, once again, putting an end to it had been extremely painful and bittersweet.

That is all for now. Thank you all for reading and following. You are so appreciated.

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