Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My freelance career has been somewhat surprising and mostly a slow road. I started off with a steady flow of clients and events, but it has slowed down in the last few weeks- leaving me with a bit of fear and a ton of curiosity. I rack my brain trying to figure out where to promote myself and how pick up the client base coming through the lines. But in the midst of stress and promotion, I find myself shooting some beautiful people.

This was a recent headshot session for a real estate agent. I had so much fun shooting her that we went in a different direction than just plain 'ol promo photos.

_CIP1319 2 copy



I am slowly learning to gain confidence in the photos I shoot, and being proud of what I am able to hand over to clients. Here's to hoping that my increase in confidence leads to an increase in business. 'Cause my bank account desperately needs it!

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