Monday, October 31, 2011

I have battled with myself how to present my latest finished series. I wrote draft after draft of the explanation of this piece, and my words seemed to lack the necessary beauty and left little room for personal interpretation. My dear friend Cyrus and I collaborated to achieve what I would like to believe is a visceral yet abstract jump into my brain as this series evolved.

I decided to submit a portion of this series to the magazine this semester. This will be the first time they have a fine art photo spread in The Bull. In the past, their magazine has had largely a journalistic (photojournalistic) approach. I am honored that they were willing to take a chance with a piece that may not be on the level of your average community college student. But what fun would it be if I didn't push the boundaries, just a little bit.

In the same way that this piece is sad yet hopeful, finishing this series leaves me in the same state.

I am ever grateful to Cyrus for writing what morphed into that which encapsulates my vision. And am so thankful to my two beautiful participants that found themselves in less than desirable positions for the sake of art. I am honored that they believed in my vision.