Friday, July 27, 2012

Time for an update...

I feel like so much has happened and I am not even sure where to start...

I completed a small series inspired by dreams.  I was exploring my own hesitation to really run, full throttle, into my dreams. Why I find myself less motivated than I want to be. What stops me from risking everything and going for it?
We all know the answer to this because we all experience it. Only sometimes are we able to identify what is truly holding us back. And most of the time, our actions or reactions, albeit subconscious, are motivated by fear.   This small series tells that story.
When dreams...
When Dreams

shift shapes...
Shift Shapes


To fear.
To Fear

Unlock Certainty

I also made some merchandise to go along with this series.  You can see it here.

I am directing my first music video.  The band is called No Way North.  I met Emily, the singer, on a film I worked on about a year ago.  My experience working on this film is better forgotten about and left alone, but one wonderful thing came out of it.  Emily was in the cast. Sonja and myself worked on a B-roll music video of a song that she wrote for the film.  From there we kept in touch and Flathead Films, Sonja's production company, produced a music video of her new band.  These photos are in the previous blog post or here - and the video is still in post production.  I will post it when it's finished.

Afterwards, Emily approached me to direct her new music video.  This was and is such an enormous compliment.  It is one of those amazing, surreal moments where someone sees, maybe understands and trusts my vision.  I am scared shitless to do this, it being the first time - but I am also so unbelievably excited, stunned, honored and... EXCITED!  We are considering shooting in late August.

3.  I art directed another music video a couple months ago that is now completed.  For those of you that aren't too sure what that means, it's been different on each shoot I am on.  Mostly, I am given the location as is and all the props, placement, set decorating and color pallet are generally my doing.  For this video, we rented a location that was already so beautiful, it was easy to put those final touches on it.
You can view the video here.

Just a couple stills
_CIP0199 copy

The book is almost ready to print.  I finally set all the pages, decided on the photos that are going in and the design, found a reasonable place to print it, and i'm set!  Except...
Writing about my work has been just as difficult, if not more so than the rest of it.  I wrote probably 6 drafts and none of them sounded like me.  And strangely enough, I think it's because I wrote it. I felt as if I wanted someone else's words speaking about my work and it's place in the world as well as my personal evolution. Although when I wrote in third person, it only came off as impersonal and pretentious.
My very close friend Ade is in the process of writing my introduction.  Ade is my 11:11 ACC business partner and also one of my closest friends.  She was one of the first people I took pictures of before I went to Nepal, she has been in almost every single photo series I have done, and she has an amazing view on art, life, love, growth, spirituality and in, in regards to my artwork- why I have created what I have.  I wanted ask her to write it for me, but was really nervous for some reason.  I asked her to come over and talk through my book with me.  I wanted her thoughts on placement and design, told her some of the reasons behind my desire to compile my touring, teetering and evolving into this book, my thoughts regarding certain photos and why they are important for me to include, and she offered to write for me!  So thrilled, delighted and honored to have her words grace my pages.

So just a couple more weeks and we're off to print!
Screen shot 2012-06-26 at 8.52.19 PM

Here are some recent portraits I was hired to do along with a headshot or two:
Hollis Hart -
Hollis Hart -
Hollis Hart -
_CIP0121 copy
Hollis Hart -
kimmy 3_72





I have 3 shoots scheduled for next week.  One of them being a potential album cover for a band I am a fan of called the Peculiar Pretzelmen, and the other two are probably my most detailed high concept ideas to date.  I am wondering how and if I will be able to pull off these ideas, but love the concept and story behind them.  I have learned that regardless of if the end result comes out like the photograph i see in my head, they will be awesome.  the most important part is that I keep spitting my soul out through my lens.  I'll let you decide if they are good.  And to be honest, it doesn't really matter if they are.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Much continued success Erin! Thanks for the update! Excellent as always! Being involved in video production seems it would be very thrilling! (Minus all the challenges along the way).