Sunday, August 12, 2012


This could be due to my age.  One thing I always said about my 20s was I am happy to have them end. Through a lot of fun, growth, amazing experiences, and feeling true love, I think that they have been a full decade about figuring out who the fuck I am.  Pulling out all the imperfections, not accepting them yet, But very rapidly being introduced to them.  For most of it, the concept of understanding how I affect the world around me has been hazy. The concept of not just going through life, day by day, reacting to the world, but understanding the role I play in the events that transpire.  The last couple of years have been heavy in navigating through that haze.

Slowly but surely, my demons make themselves more and more known. I invite them to show their faces and continue to offer myself, as in "This is me."




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