Monday, March 22, 2010

Smoking Kills

Another one of my favorites. This photo was made possible by the makeup artistry of David Brooke and the patience and modeling of Justin Bond.

This photos was used for a series titled 'Earth, Wind, Fire, Water'.
My initial inspiration for the fire portion of the series was taken from Oh Brother Where Art Thou as the sheriff stands in front of the burning barn. It's a tight shot on the reflection of the fire in the sheriff's glasses. I tried on many occasions to get that shot (again, Justin being so patient) but just couldn't get one I was happy with.

Smoking Kills

Once I enlisted David Brooke, and luckily he agreed, I was 100% happy with my choice to move on and find a different concept to work with. David made Justin look like he just stepped out of a burning building (and had to add in the cigg for extra effect).

I have shown these pictures at a couple of shows and seem to have gotten a pretty good response. Congrats Justin- now I can picture you when you're dead.

Thanks again Justin and Dave- these are staying in the portfolio for a long time.

Smoking Kills

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