Sunday, March 14, 2010

These photos were taken to fulfill an assignment. The assignment's title was FORGOTTEN.

Really, any excuse to dress up Stephen and use the accordion I take and run with. And any opportunity Stephen has to pretend that he's living in a different era he takes and runs with.

My vision for this concept was to combine the solitude and disenfranchisement of a man living and working on the streets with a time period that has not held it's popularity in popular culture.

I was intrigued by using a person that has been forgotten or left behind rather than a building or piece of machinery . I thought that an easy way to portray "Forgotten" would be the use of an abandoned object, or something tangible that was once of worth and now left behind. But, I think this is true with people as well as possessions; people are much more difficult to dispose of yet we do- on a regular basis.

Not only can I relate to this in my personal life, but I can relate to this as I walk around, drive to the store, we see people that have been forgotten by the boss that fired them a month before, or the friend that broke their trust, the man in the subway station the hasn't seen his family in 20 years.

I begin to wonder how expendable we really are, how replaceable. It reminds me of all the people that were once an important part of my life and aren't any more. And in turn, how many people have forgotten about me.

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