Saturday, March 13, 2010

During 15 years of friendship, Miranda and I have had an interesting time with one another. Tons of fun, crazy unbelievable stories, trials and tribulations, new relationships, and now a brand new adventure- her baby boy, Dexter.

I have always thought that Miranda had so much charisma. It's in her style, the way she carries herself, her sense of humor.

Aside from being very photogenic, It was my pleasure to photograph her, and a challenge to capture the charisma and confidence she exudes in person.

After so many years of friendship, it would only make sense that I would introduce her to Peter. Naturally, when someone finds something comforting and reminiscent of a more innocent time, it's only fair to let your best friend straddle it.

Miranda and Peter

I've taken a small handful of nudes now and have learned one very important stylizing lesson:

Glamor shots are not interesting.

I have made a conscious choice to position my models in awkward contorted positions. This allows for a more gritty feel, as opposed to straight lines and smooth curves. As a woman, I know what smooth curves look like, I may not have them, but I know what they look like. To see the same beauty in a contorted body as you would in a flowing one may be more difficult, but a bit more satisfying, I think.

Dexter is about 1 1/2, and definitely looks like his momma. Gonna be a lady killer.

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