Thursday, July 8, 2010

I have made my first serious sale.

Nothing large enough to drop a shit ton of money on new equipment, or travel the world... But definitely a nice chunk of change on my pocket.

This was a good lesson for me in printing, pricing, selling, communicating... I have ended up taking home less than I should be for fine art prints, but lesson learned. These are the photos that have been sold:

Blur motion example
25x30 inches Canvas Print (Gallery wrap)

Elysium Music Festival, Southern Ca
8x10 inches Art Print

Elysium Mask
8x10 inches Art Print

All I can hope is that this man in his million dollar loft on Hollywood and Vine will expose my photos and tell his friends about me, pass on my business cards, and make me some more money.

I am still diligently looking for a venue to show my 'Shit on Your Face' series of 10 photos. I think every gallery in the LA area has gotten an email from me. Hook it up, friends...

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