Friday, July 9, 2010

I was interested in playing with 20's and 40's glam-

mixed with a Helmut Newton like take on fetishism, seduction, and danger. For those of you who are not familiar, here are a few examples of Helmut Newton's works:

Helmut Newton - Sigourney Weaver
helmut_newton_elspa_peretti_edwin.jpg Helmut Newton - Elspa Peretti - Bunny image by Edwin-Europe

I have always loved the elegance and beauty of the styles of the 1920's. The round lips, waved hair, exudation of sex and rebellion, yet the slight glimpse of purity. I have tried in the past to photograph this feeling, but always resulted in a lack of, well, most of the previous list.

Thanks to the help of Mikella Koll and David Brooke I was able to capture this plus a bit of fantasy and danger. Jennie- You made my plan become a reality. Thank you.

I am very proud of this session, I think these photos came out better than we all had imagined they would. The first half are the most post production work I have done on a single photo due to the desire to capture the old photograph feel. Please give me your constructive criticism. Did I go to far?
Visit this link to see them large
and follow the arrows through the set.


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