Thursday, February 24, 2011

I realized today, while up dating my website, that I haven't posted a new entry in 2 months. Time for a few consecutive blog posts, I'd say. Since my last post was art and concept based- I thought I'd go for a change of pace and share some portrait work.

I was hired by my little brother from a different mother, Donovan Mendelovitz, Miranda's little brother. He is applying to theater/ performing arts departments in some major colleges and needed some head shots for his auditions.

I am not too experienced with head shots and had to do some studying of positioning and lighting. But, given I have had a ton of experience in natural lighting, and worked with a handsome, charismatic young man, It couldn't have been an easier task.
Here are the best few:

Not the final edit- But this one's the winner.

And now Iman,
Iman was a pleasure to shoot. She is an actress, entrepreneur, and spiritual guide specializing in angel readings. She recently started her own business.

Iman has such a beautiful look as well as vibe. I really enjoyed spending the couple hours with her.



And because I was on this head shot kick- and, I love Sonji. I took a few of her as well. This one's the cutest!:


Although, taking head shots is not my favorite thing to shoot, I love spending the time with people and hearing that love how I captured them. It's very fulfilling. So the word is out- Let me take your head shots!!

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